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Wanna lose weight while you nap? It’s POSSIBLE now with GO60’s GO PowerSLIM Nap! And the best part? It only takes all of 30 minutes to help your body kick-start the fat burning process!

  • Step 1: apply PowerSLIM Gel
  • Step 2: Detox & Contour Wrap
  • Step 3: Go ahead & grab a NAP

The PowerSLIM gel concentrate with active fat (adipose) combust properties effectively penetrates to stimulate the metabolism of excess fat and eliminate excess water retention.

Introductory Price: 2 sessions GO PowerSLIM Nap @ Just S$60
For an added treat, top up additional $60 for 2 sessions Scalp Massage (20 min) + Ear Candling whilst enjoying your GO PowerSLIM Nap.

Call 6338 0660 for a NAP now!